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Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet

Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet Featured Image
  • Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet
  • Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinet

Short Description:

1. Imported ceramic white polypropylene (PP) material was used.

2. Material thickness: 8mm;

3. Equipped with imported polypropylene leak-proof tray, fixed type;

4. It has a service life of more than ten years.

5. Pass strict EU CE certification.

  • Capacity: 15/45/60/83/114/170/227/340L (4/12/16/22/30/45/60/90Gallon)
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    Detail Description:

    ModelCapacityOverall DimensionsDoor typeLayer plate
    GU004AC4gallons/15L430430560Single door, manual1 Adjustable laminate
    GU016SC16gallons/60L59046011202 Adjustable laminates
    GU022AC22gallons/83L59046016503 Adjustable laminates
    GU030AC30gallons/113L109046011201 Adjustable laminates
    GU045AC45galons/170L10904601650Double door, manual2 Adjustable laminates
    GU054ACJ54gallons/204L9004501800Double door with long window glass3 Adjustable laminates with holes of different sizes
    GU054ACM54gallons/204L900450yy6080新觉世影影院手机版免费阅读_yy6080新觉世影影院手 ,黑兔影院 黑兔影院高清福利视频免费下载,全球央行之王者归来 对资产配置意味着什么 蜜芽一二三 1800Upper and lower double doors, door with glass windowsyy6080新觉世影影院手机版免费阅读_yy6080新觉世影影院手 ,黑兔影院 黑兔影院高清福利视频免费下载,全球央行之王者归来 对资产配置意味着什么 蜜芽一二三 3 Adjustable laminates
    GU060AC60gallons/226L8608601650Double door, manual2 Adjustable laminates



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